International fraudster Jirka Cerny scams Xiamen Nanhu CF

Xiamen Nanhu CF (Amateur Side in Fujian League) is undergoing a financial crisis because of their general manager, Jirka Cerny. The real name of the fraud from Czech Republic is Jiri Cerny, but because of his criminal history he uses the name Jirka. Since players arrived in Xiamen they didn’t receive any salary from the club. Some staff are even 4 months without salary. Every time Jirka speaks about a small problem and the salary will come the next day, but without actually transferring money. Jirka Cerny didn’t use his own name to register the business license. He uses the name of his Chinese father-in-law. He scammed his family in law already for a lot of money to start up the club promising them there will a sponsor come to pay. This sponsor is Xiamen Airlines but they haven’t signed a document with Xiamen Nanhu. In this way his name is not linked to the club and he can’t get a criminal record in China. Next to this the logo of Xiamen Nanhu is a pure copy of the Danish team, FC Nordsjaelland. Finally the club has unpaid bills at the training base, stadion, office,…

This is not the first time Jiri (Jirka) Cerny does this. He has past history of scams, fraud and cheating people in multiple countries.
In Singapore he organised the Juventus Soccer School. He didn’t pay the employees and other bills. With Myfootball camp he organised football camps charging high fees, but never reimbursed any money when a camp got cancelled. Multiple complaints were filed and even Jiri Cerny received a call from court

In India he said he would invest 100.000 Rupies into a club. He never paid this money and mismanaged the club, making big debts at the club. Also he copied the logo of an irish team and made this the logo of the Indian team (Kerala Evergreens)

Apart from scamming football clubs, he also scams women. In Czech Republic he is wanted by the police for scamming multiple ladies and his ex-wife. He acts like their boyfriend but empties the bankaccount and max out the credit cards. He even was on Czech Television with a documentary of 11minutes about these scams (only viewable on YouTube). In the USA there is a criminal investigation against him for credit card fraud. And now he has a Chinese wife and he is using the money of her family to live a comfortable life and scam other people (including his wife).

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