Exclusive Interview-Gan Yingbo: “I love Sichuan football, I will do my best to continue playing”

Chengdu football owes a lot to Gan Yingbo. A name that represents a lot to the Chinese football and mainly the history of the soccer of Sichuan province, where its current club is located.

Volante, leader and captain of Sichuan Longfor (club founded in 2013), he lived the main glories and defeats with the various shirts of the region. For the passion was different from all other players, never left his province since his early career in Sichuan Guancheng in 2000. In sequence went through the extinct Chengdu Blades and since 2015 is in Sichuan Longfor.

“I love football in this place.I’m hiking for the football final, but I’m also in the race, this from my first dream.I like everything in Sichuan,” says Gan Yingbo with all love for Sichuan.

Gan Yingbo, a historical figure from Sichuan.

Always remembering the past and the beginning of the arrival of the foreigners, he remembers fondly of a nation in particular. “Brazilian football has a very deep meaning for Chinese football. In particular, Sichuan football, which 20 years ago, featured great Brazilian players.”

Below you can see the exclusive interview with Gan Yingbo:

Today there is a page in Portuguese that details and brings the main information of China League Two, does this surprise you in a way?

Yes, I’m very surprised. And it is an international site, I believe there will be a better development

What does Chinese football need to do to become a power in world football?

I think that Chinese football can become a power of world football. But I think there’s still a lot to change. First, thought must be changed. And there is the development so that it can gradually become stronger.

Moment of relaxation and beach work with Manuel Cajuda, former Portuguese coach.

In recent years Sichuan was commanded by Portuguese coaches, how do you rate European work?

I’m happy to have worked with them. They are extremely professional coaches and they played an important role in helping us improve when we were here. Unfortunately, our bad luck, we can not reach China League One!

Is there any similarity between the work of Chinese and foreign coaches?

Chinese coaches and foreign coaches are doing well. Each one has its own mentality. Each coach has its own strengths. I do not think I’m a better player, just the most appropriate team coach.

What is the evaluation of this season of Sichuan Longfor in China League Two?

The most regular season we played, the team reached a certain level. We also won second place during the first round in the South League.

The cry that marked the elimination of Sichuan, at the end of the defeat to the Heilongjiang Lava.

In your opinion, what has been missing so the team can achieve this much-dreamed access to China League One?

We did not find a great opportunity. The final phase of China League Two is a great knockout, reaching the final is always difficult.

What motivates you to stay for long years in Chengdu football?

“I love football in this place! I’m walking towards the end of football career, but I’m also in the dispute, since my first dream. I like everything in Sichuan.

Celebration of goal by parts of the players of Sichuan Longfor.

In a recent interview with TerceiraDivisaochinesa, Chen Tao said that one of the biggest regrets of his career was not having played in European football. When you were younger did you also have this dream?

Of course there was such a dream. But I can not regret it. There was not such a good opportunity. I’m lucky, I still insist on my dream. I’m still on the way, with forward thinking

How have you been and what have you been doing during this vacation?

Let’s close the team next week to start winter training! I’m on vacation spending some time with my family and staying with the kids. Especially because I usually do not spend time with them. I also keep some activities on holidays. Usually a kick with the ball in the gym to maintain physical strength.

Gan Yingbo with his friend and playmaker Chen Tao during training.

What’s it like playing alongside Chen Tao?

He is an excellent player, has a level above us. He acted and made history with the national team. And he helps us a lot, because he is the core of the team. Chen Tao and I are very colleagues.

What was the most special match and goal you have played in these many years of Chengdu football career?

A game in Chengdu should have happened in 2005. Playing Chinese Super League and starting as a starter against Beijing Guoan. The most special goal happened this year against the Hainan Boying team. I was far away and I kicked from far away to reach the goal.

How long do you still expect to act?

I do not have a specific timeline yet. I will do my best to continue playing.

Gan Yingbo finished with perfection and scored a great goal against Hainan.